Four Ways to a Quickie Getaway to Rejuvenate


Do you feel at every turn someone is waiting to ask you for your money, your time and your things? Try disappearing for a little while so you can resurface with a clear head and calm spirit. On an impulse extend grocery shopping, church or work with a few minutes of me time.

If you can’t join us like retired educator Lillie Sipps sitting here on a boulder on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean on Martha’s Vineyard, consider these quick reprieves:

1. Go to a movie, or two, alone. Get lost in the dark. Make it a movie that takes you places and soothes you. Don’t pick an action packed, mystery or horror film. Choose one that may make you laugh or cry – the two emotions that may bring that calming effect.

2. Buy a silly tabloid. Find an indoor or outdoor bench in a quiet place. Read about the mundane things others blow up. You’ll feel more empowered to tackle you own issues.

3. Go alone to a quiet elegant place for late lunch or dinner – not one that serves trucker size meals. Tell the waiter you are not in a hurry and to pace your courses so they are not served at once. Take your time, enjoy the meal and let you mind wonder.

4. Get lost in the woods. Walk the safest wooded trail in your town. Take your time this is not a physical exercise but a mental one. Be sure to enjoy the nature around you.

At the end of these escapes, meditate on how you handle the issues facing you. 

If you have more time, relax with us near the ocean on Martha’s Vineyard. Join a great group of women from around the country in a serene yet invigorating environment. 2014 Martha’s Vineyard Sisters & Friends Getaway.

How do you escape and find quiet time?


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Connie Portis is a publisher and host of Sisters and Friends Getaway to Martha's Vineyard.

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