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2015-09-17 18.48.15If laughter has healing power then I’ll live to be 102 – that’s five years longer than the oldest person I know!  Many days I reminisce about the most fun I have had in my life and often my thoughts lead back to the stupid things I have done, said, and shared with my friends.

When I decided to make Sisters and Friends the name of the annual Getaway to Martha’s Vineyard and the title of my website, I pondered tag lines and came up with some that were quite appropriate and moving. They included The Bond of Sisters & Friends, and Connecting through Friendship and Sharing, — you get the idea. I chose Sisters and Friends Make Life More Fun.

 In considering the concept of Sisters and Friends the notion that makes me the most happy and content is the thought of laughter…the kind that makes one cry, makes the stomach ache and the mind say “stop,” the person looking at you or laughing with you knowing how ridiculous you are is often a “sisterfriend.” She understands. So Sisters and Friends Make Life More Fun is the best tag.

I’ve laughed at the most inappropriate times, funerals (remember Mary Tyler Moore), weddings (including my own), on a date (I lost a shoe in sinking mud). No one else can see the gut wrenching humor in those situations like my sisters and friends! That is why I so enjoy gatherings with women – we get each other and help each other see the humor in our awkward stages. Most often we join in and don’t judge.

It doesn’t take long to find friendship connections with women who meet during the week-long Sisters & Friends Getaway on Martha’s Vineyard. Women from all walks of life, at all stages, and from opposite coasts of our country, often meeting for the first time bond, share, and have fun – the kind that heals, makes you laugh from the pit of your belly (maybe cry together with empathy) and then helps you recover and emerge much better individuals.
Join us for this happy, healing time.


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Connie Portis is a publisher and host of Sisters and Friends Getaway to Martha's Vineyard.

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