We Can Get Along – 100 Women, One Week, One Island!


Who says a group of women staying in the same vicinity, from vastly different backgrounds and agendas can’t get along? Not me. The September Sisters and Friends Getaway on Martha’s Vineyard is a huge success. Join us this year complete the information formWomen from around…Women from around the country meet up, may for the first time, and enjoy living together for seven days in multiple houses. More than 100 women on one island have a ball. Many women meet each other for the first time, come strangers leave lifelong friends.

This no agenda event coordinated each year has grown. From 15 women in 2008 to more that 100 in 2017 and an anticipated 100 week one and 30 week two in 2018. Martha’s Vineyard is the perfect place for this gathering. People are intrigued by the Island and have put visiting on their bucket list. Women relax by the beach, shop, walk the neighborhoods and just ‘chill’ on the porch. Our non-binding agenda includes line dancing, book discussions, a motivational workshops, morning swim and other empowerment and fun activities. We’ve find that being there makes one slow down and unwind. The nights in the house laughing, paying games,inspiring discussions and enjoying a good meal are so much fun.

Sisters and Friends Getaway is a trip where the women make their own respite agenda. That is why the vacation begins the Sunday after Labor Day when the pace is slow and the tourist crowd is reduced, and the island is quiet and serene.

With times so tough and many wanting to save and forgo vacations this was the perfect opportunity to get away, experience a wonderful place and join with other women while not spending a lot of money. At week’s end, there are glowing remarks about the experience with most women wanting to join again next year.

We can get along –  To join us this year complete the information form.


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Connie Portis is a publisher and host of Sisters and Friends Getaway to Martha's Vineyard.

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