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Who are the women that attend Sisters & Friends Getaway?

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While many do not know each other, sisterfriends come from varying background, stages and ages in life and share one common bond and that is to experience a peaceful, relaxing vacation. Women come from Washington, Texas, California, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and many states in between.

DSC_0648Checklist to bring: 1. A need to relax 2. An ability to laugh 3. A good appetite 4. A sense of adventure 5. The willingness to meet new people 6. A desire to do nothing 7. A consideration to dance, play games 8. A warm spirit 9. A smile or two 10. Comb, brush, clothes.

What can I expect?  Make it up as you go! Stay busy or just relax. Things to do on the island include public tours, bicycle rental, beach walks, swimming, neighborhood stroll. You can browse the main shopping areas of Oak Bluff, (within 2 blocks), Edgartown, Vineyard Haven (both a bus ride away) see lighthouses, walk the historic Camp Ground to see the Gingerbread Houses. There is an automobile rental company though not necessary. We meet every morning and evening for meals (optional) which offers a time to get acquainted with each other. As we get closer to the date, guests will receive a non-binding agenda…including group activities, book and panel discussions, YOGA and taking a dip in the ocean!

Can’t believe the cost!  By going at the end of the season, costs are considerably less than the seasonal high time. Cost is reasonable so that can extend the opportunity to a wide range of sisterfriends. Payments are designed for less bokkeeping and to offer a plan allowing three to pay over a periond of five months. The form spells out the amount of the payments.

What about meals?  Opptional meals are provided round robin from house to house everyday except Wednesday. Mealtime offers an opportunity to gather, network and bond with other sisterfriends.

I am coming aloneDSCF4137Great! You have chosen to come no matter what! There will be women who, like you, have just decided to get away. You may request to be paired with another sisterfriend and emails will be exchanged prior to the trip. You may, if available, reserve a single room.

What about the weather? We have been on the island when the temp  was 85 and when it was in the 60’s. However, weather did not stop us from enjoying the island and having a great time indoors and outdoors.

How do I get there? There are many ways to get to the Vineyard. From Boston, Providence airports or train stations your experience begins on the (Peter Pan) bus that takes you to Woods Hole where you will catch the Steamship Ferry to the island.There is a roundtrip bus from Pittsburgh that provides a stress-free ride. Coming from Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania? Board the bus in the evening and arrive in the mornining. No worries about how much to pack (just pack lite!) or transporting luggage multiple times.

The 45-minute ride over on the ferry helps you relax and enjoy the breathtaking view from the ocean. Travel Tips

What should I pack? Best thing is to pack lite! Along with your personal items, casual clothes are in order. Each house has a washer and dryer. Be sure to bring a sweater as the evenings may be cool. Also, include your beach wear for a walk on the shore or dip in the ocean with the polar bears – a group of women who meet to take a spiritual plunge every morning.

What about the houses and facilities? We stay in the same vintage and updated homes that most vacationers live in during the tourist season. Most homes have the original charm and quirkiness they were built with, some have winding staircases and others are modern and updated. All the houses have more than one full bathroom. Since the week’s schedule is relaxed, facilities are never on overload!

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